The Total Package

The all-in-one blink’r provides everything you need to start developing your IoT applications immediately. No need for expensive add-ons or peripherals – blink’r has it all.

Simple to Use

Regardless of whether you’re a complete novice or a programming veteran, the intuitive blink’r toolset lets you ramp up quickly and makes development easy. 

Proof of Concept

Need affordable proof or cost-effective deployment?  Enterprise can cut development time by 10x. Expand resources, integrate legacy technology and measure the impact all-in-one.

Learn, Develop, Enjoy

Blink'r lets you build, experiment and have fun while bringing your innovative ideas to life. Connect, monitor and share your IoT applications while learning valuable development skills.

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All-in-One, IoT-in-a-Module

Eliminate the need for extra and multiple cellular development boards, microprocessors, WiFi and Bluetooth modules, and more.

More than Hardware, Integrated Data Visualization, Dev. Environment, Cloud Back-end and Instant Messaging. Blink'r is computing designed for seamless interaction of the digital world, the physical world, people, data and more. With no throttle, connect more clouds, other hardware, more blink'rs and everything you can think of.


Integrated ToolSets



OpenSource Resources

Smart, Simple, Powerful and Affordable

Be up and running in days, blink'r IoT-Dev-Board is perfect to take an idea to device and then to product. Utilize the world's most powerful IoT Application Tool Set with Integrated Cloud Backend, Data Visualization, Android Dev. environment and more.

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